Marin Community College District Policy


Education Code Sections 72400 and 82542

The District's information technology resources, including computers, networks, and learning management systems, are intended for academic and administrative use.  Anyone who uses District information technology resources and the information they contain, and related resources has a responsibility to use those resources in an acceptable manner and to respect the rights of others.  The Superintendent/President shall establish procedures that provide guidelines to users for the appropriate use of the District's information technologies.  The procedures shall include that users must respect software copyrights and licenses, respect the integrity of information technology-based information resources, refrain from seeking to gain unauthorized access, and respect the rights of other users of information technology.

Date Adopted: March 17, 2009
(Replaces College of Marin Policies 7.0020, 7.0030, and 7.0032)
Date Revised:  July 19, 2011


Marin Community College District Administrative Procedure


Government Code Section 3543.1(b);
Penal Code Section 502;
17 U.S. Code Sections 101 et seq.;
Cal. Const., Art. 1 Section 1;
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules 16, 26, 33, 34, 37, and 45;
Homeland Security Act;
CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act);
FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act);
ACCJC Guide to Evaluating Distance Education and Correspondence Education

All information technology resources, including computers, networks, and learning management systems, are the sole property of the District.  They may not be used by any person without the proper authorization from the District.

This procedure applies to all District students, faculty, and staff and to others granted use of District information resources.  These procedures govern desktop, network, email, telephone, internet, data security, and software uses of College-managed information technology equipment and resources.

Conditions of Use
Individual units within the District may define additional conditions of use for information resources under their control. These statements must be consistent with this overall procedure but may provide additional detail, guidelines, and/or restrictions.

Legal Process
This procedure exists within the framework of the District Board Policy and local, state, and federal laws.  A user of District information technology resources who is found to have violated these procedures will be subject to disciplinary action; loss of information resources privileges; and/or civil or criminal legal action.

Copyrights and Licenses – Information technology users must respect copyrights and licenses to software and other online information.

Copying – Technology and information resources protected by copyright may not be copied except as expressly permitted by the owner of the copyright or otherwise permitted by copyright law.  Technology and information resources may not be copied into, from, or by any District facility or system, except pursuant to a valid license or as otherwise permitted by copyright law.

In addition to software, all other copyrighted information (text, images, icons, programs, etc.) retrieved from any technology resources must be used in conformance with applicable copyright and other law.  Copied material must be properly attributed.  Plagiarism of information is prohibited in the same way that plagiarism of any other protected work is prohibited.

Integrity of Information Resources
Information technology users must respect the integrity of computer-based information resources.

In making acceptable use of resources you are expected to:

Unacceptable use of resources may include but is not limited to:

Password Protection
An information technology user who has been authorized to use a password protected account may be subject to both civil and criminal liability if the user discloses the password or otherwise makes the account available to others without permission of the system administrator.  Users are required to change passwords as mandated by the District.

Political Use
District information resources must not be used for partisan political activities where prohibited by local, state, federal, or other applicable laws.

No Expectation of Privacy - All information stored on District technology resources is subject to subpoenas and local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Dissemination and User Acknowledgment
All users shall be provided copies of these procedures and be directed to familiarize themselves with them.

Also see BP/AP 2510 titled Participation in Local Decision Making, BP/AP 4030 titled Academic Freedom, AP 6365 titled Accessibility of Information Technology, BP/AP 6520 titled Security for District Property, AP 6535 titled Use of District Equipment, and BP/AP 6700 titled Civic Center and Other Facilities Use.

Office of Primary Responsibility: College Operations

Date Approved:  February 17, 2009
(Replaces College of Marin Procedures 7.0020 DP.1 and 7.0032 DP.1)
Date Revised: June 28, 2011